Social Media Management

In this increasingly digital world, a strong presence and clear tone of voice across your social channels is a huge factor for a new or established brand.
We step up to the mark and develop a clear direction for your social media.
Thanks to our in house graphic designer & photographer we can create beautiful, eye catching content.
By building brand awareness and recognition, managing your channels and interacting with the right people, we create a feed that fully represents your brand.

How does it work?

What We Do

  • Post quality content across your selected channels at prime interaction times.
  • Half of the imagery is sourced/created by us and half is provided by you, to create an aesthetically pleasing feed.
  • 15 Twitter posts per month.
  • 15 Facebook posts per month.
  • 15 Instagram posts per month.
  • 2 hours of following and interacting with key users to help grow your brands reach.

What We Need

  • Social media login details.
  • Provide information on your brand and any guidelines you want followed, along with your website URL and any other relevant links.
  • A Dropbox link with images sourced by you.
  • Want all your content created? No problem!
    Drop us a line at

The Details

"The Fine Print"

There is a 3-month minimum contract.
If you don’t want to continue after this we will require 2 weeks notice.
This will allow us time to wrap up all strategy implementation on your account.

Not Quite What You Need?

We can work with you to build a personalised plan specifically for your brand and it’s needs.

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