Where Less
Means More

We Are Social Media

What We Do

We deliver exceptional results for a fraction of the price.
We believe in transparent costs so that we can have full transparency with our clients.

We have fine-tuned our services so that you can do an event, product drop, product placement or opt for a more 360 approach. We are all about seeing results, so that’s what we do – just for a fraction of the cost!

We believe that our approach cuts costs for our clients while still delivering the same amazing results of traditional PR. Our costs will save you half, if not more than other agencies, leaving you free to spend that hard earned money elsewhere.

Our Clients

Our Services

Social Media Management

We step up to the mark and develop a clear direction for your social channels.
By building brand awareness and recognition, managing your channels and interacting with the right people, we create a feed that fully represents your brand.
Did we also mention? We have an in-house graphic designer/photographer to help make your feed as unique and memorable as possible.

Press Releases

With the right words, you can dramatically improve your odds of increasing exposure and building brand publicity.
Launch your website, get an award or about to release a new range? A press release can help you get the right information out to those who matter.

Web Development

We work with you to develop responsive and clean interfaces that are easy to navigate and work across multiple platforms.
All of our design and development is done in house by our own team. This allows us to deliver the best possible results for your business.

Press & Influencer Outreach

Our outreach can increase brand awareness by targeting press and influencers, creating press releases and getting your product featured in the best of Ireland’s print and online for a fraction of the cost.

The Team

The PR

Talks in hashtags.

The Designer

Sees life through his camera lense.

The Developer

Dreams in code.

The Dog

a.k.a "The Boss"

About Us

Why are we great at our jobs?

We Deliver

We are honest and approachable. We only work with people who we know we can do a great job for.
Don’t worry we won’t take your money unless we know we can do the best job!
Just because our costs are low don’t underestimate us. We deliver the same – if not more – coverage than other companies in our field.

Our Relationships

We have built strong, solid relationships with print and online media.
We know what they like and only target them with brands we know they will love!

How do we keep our costs so low?

Working Digitally

We don’t feel it is necessary to have an expensive showroom in the city centre.
By working with brands we genuinely believe in, we let the products/services speak for themselves.

Working Remotely

We don’t need a flashy city centre office to do our job.
We don’t have traditional agency overheads such as office rent, rates and equipment charges.
By working remotely, we don’t have extra costs that ultimately end up on client billing.