We are a fun, young & creative digital agency that delivers amazing results. At Key Communications, we work on a personal level with all of our clients so that they receive nothing less than 100%.

What We Do

By tailoring our plans to each client, we help to make sure you achieve your unique goals and objectives.
We believe in transparent costs so that we can have full openness with our clients.
We have fine-tuned our services so that we can do an event, product drop, or opt for a more 360 degree approach.

We are all about seeing results, so that’s what we do.
We just don’t feel the need to charge an arm and a leg for it!
We focus on building creative experiences and partnerships for our clients.

Our mission is to provide strategies that create a shift in our current culture by finding new and innovative ways to connect, think & understand.

What We Offer

Press Office Management

We bring together the strategies and tactics to make our clients stand out from all the rest. No matter how small a brand or budget, we always think and act big. Creativity is in our blood! Being on trend and entrenched in culture and lifestyle news helps us bring new and exciting ideas to the table. We think differently and love our clients to do the same – we take the risks!

Influencer Marketing

We develop and execute influencer marketing strategies. Based on your brand goals, we can shape the ideal strategy that is right for you. This includes connecting you with the top social media influencers, bloggers and creators to help you engage your target audiences. From creative concept to campaign realisation to measuring and reporting the results, we handle it all to make sure the job is done correctly.

Social Media Strategy

We step up to the mark and develop a clear direction for your social channels. By building brand awareness and recognition, managing your channels and interacting with the right people, we create a feed that fully represents your brand.

Web Development

We work with you to develop responsive and clean interfaces that are easy to navigate and work across multiple platforms.


​Do you have a vision of where you want your business to go but don't have the strategy to go with it?


Meet the Founders

Ciara Purcell

Managing Director

Conor Hughes

Technical Director

What Sets Us Apart?

We are honest and approachable. We only work with companies who we know we can do a great job for. Don’t worry, we won’t take your business unless we know we can do the best job!

We have built strong, solid relationships with print and online media along with bloggers and influencers. We know what they like and only target them with brands we know they will love!

We don’t feel it is necessary to have an expensive showroom in the city centre. By working with brands we genuinely believe in, we let the products/services speak for themselves.